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Kaminey Part -2 – based on the life and times of lalit modi

Dear percept and Madhur Bhandarkar,


Than-thanan, what an idea!  Percept and madhur bandharkar you guys rock. You guys wanted to make a dark movie with a principal character full of grey shades. I am glad your search took you to lalit aka lalisp Modi. Well the most talked about dark character in recent Hindi filmdom has been Charlie of kaminey fame. Well what better for percept to borrow the character from Vishal bhardhwaj and take it forward as lalisp modi. After all Charlie and Lalit have one thing in common their incorrigible lisp. Life for them never sucks…….. ooops never f*ks .


Well brilliant idea I must say. Lalit falls completely in the zone of a Bhadarkar genere of movies. Dark, grey, materialistic and go getter.


Character profile of lalisp : Born in a rich family . Travels to the US for studies; brushes the law on the wrong side is charged with attempt to murder and other serious charges…… Runs back to India. Gambles away 2 crores in a diwali night card game against another business scion lalit suri. Marries his mom’s best friend…………… Is thrown out of the family business. Works as a points man for his chief minister friend. Starts a cricket league and becomes the most powerful man of world cricket.


Alright Shahid kapur enough of hadippa. Time to work  on the lisp again coz its going to be lisp lisp  Lalisp and a great colorful character to portray on 70mm.


So tighten your seat belts as Charlie returns with his legendary lisp as lalisp Modi.


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