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Ranatunga shows the way forward on ICL issue

It finally took a cricketer to understand the importance and wisdom of accepting a strong cricketing body comprising of a rich talent pool of cricketers & vibrant cricket structure. Sri Lanka’s most successful captain & CEO of cricket board has taken the path breaking step of understanding the modern cricket world & its dynamics. For how long could the premier cricket body (ICC) ignore a league represented & chosen by players from every major cricketing center of the world.

Arjuna Ranatunga has taken a step which will restore sanctity in the cricketing world. It is important that the ICC emerges as the supreme authority on global cricketing matters rather than follow the diktat of an IPL honcho. The IPL honcho has does great disservice to the BCCI portraying it as a bully rather than as a leader in cricketing initiatives.

It is important that the ICC does not let go of this opportunity to restore its supremacy on all global cricketing matters and shows the IPL honcho his right place.

In the final analysis it is a moral story for a few over-zealous authorities, that you can try hard but for how long can you keep a hardworking professional cricketer down.

This is great news for domestic Indian talents who choose the vibrant ICL platform; this is just the beginning of great things to follow for them. Finally they have got their rightful due for all the hard work put in.

VIVA domestic Indian cricket!

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