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Pragyan Ojha or Ali Murtaza; who merited the selection if it was a level playing field?

Well Congratulations to Pragyan on his India selection, afterall it reads better than a desperate measure of roping in a Murli Kartik from the commentary box!

The Asia cup showed the Indian team suffered from a dearth of spinners in the absence of Harbhajan Singh.

Somehow the options seemed limited!!!! However this is not the case as far as the talent pool of Indian spinners is concerned, though the selection option is limited because of the ICL ban; coz it was the ICL that opened the avenue for spinners in the T20 format of the game.

One spinner at ICL who has been in the spotlight has been Ali Murtaza, the young 20 yr old spinner who has been continuously spinning the web around the best of batsmen in the world. He has come in for special mention from players of the stature of Marvan Atapattu & Inzamam Ul Haq who have spoken volumes on the humongous talent the young Delhi Giants spinner possesses.

However this prodigal talent and his talent is not exploited by cricket India because of the BCCI’s draconian diktat.

The best recommendation for Murtaza came from the legendary Erapalli Prasanna; according to whom if Ali can perform in the spinners graveyard called T20 cricket ,then he is absolutely ready for the 50 over format and Test in the years to come.

On pure merit and a level playing field the fact that Murtaza get the nod ahead of Ojha is anybody’s guess!


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