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Public pressure needed on BCCI for one unified cricket world; encompassing ICL into the manifold

The enigma called BCCI a great commercial success, great for star cricketers& upcoming promising cricketers in their radar – but yet to encompass the entire cricket talent pool in the country and domestic Indian cricket. Circa 2007 a private entity backed by one of India’s most respected business house Essel group and run by some of the best cricketing names of the globe –headed by India’s first world cup winning captain, Kapil Dev takes upon itself to revamp and synergize domestic Indian cricket & the hard working players associated with it.

The story that followed including the formation of IPL, unfair bans bullish tactics by the men in control of the cricket cash cow is well documented & I don’t intend repeating it through this write up. My purpose of writing this piece is to bring to light the strong testimonials that the ICL has received from none less than cricket personalities of the stature of Clive Lloyd, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Ian Chappell, Trevor Chesterfield Peter Roebuck et al.

I was particularly engrossed to read the following excerpt of an Ian Chappell article that appeared on a leading cricket portal today:

The lop-sided nature of those two series was ample proof that there are not enough good cricketers to go round, let alone after some good ones have been banned because of their association with the ICL. If there is to be an all-inclusive approach to cricket’s future following the Mumbai mayhem, these bans should come under serious discussion. ) Ref –

Full article link:

After reading this article I feel that there is a correlation in the way the politicians behaved after the terror attacks and their ill-informed responses & the BCCI attitude towards the emergence & establishment of the ICL as a major cricket tournament on the cricket horizon. It is extremely difficult to fathom how BCCI could ignore 50,000 plus audiences attending ICL matches on a regular basis in the ICL 20s Indian Championship. Or the matter of fact, that the tournament was going live across the globe to healthy TV ratings. Most importantly, how can you ostracize an emerging cricket body which is chosen and represents over 250 first class cricketers from every major cricketing center of the world?

I would like to clarify that I don’t want to draw a parallel between the terror attack & a cricketing issue which in parallel falls pale and is certainly not of the same importance as security of lives- however I am enthused by the public mobilization that presumably will change the face of Indian politics for ever and I feel such a public renaissance is needed in the cricketing world to get the BCCI to change it draconian monopolistic stance against pioneers of league cricket, who for the first time in the world created a commercially viable product from a domestic cricket structure & the players representing it.

Sharad Pawar moves into the ICC chairmanship position shortly, can one expect him to do for cricket what Obama is expected to do to restore World order only time will tell !

However we need cricket fans to pressurize the authorities to adopt a more objective stance on the ICL. Navjot Singh on a NDTV show a couple of months back had said that the ICL had managed to wake up a sleeping giant in the BCCI and that resulted in the IPL; all they need to do now is show some magnanimity- that is what leadership is all about and the ball is in Sharad Pawar’s court .

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