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ICL deserves a thumbs-up from every true cricket connoisseur

The ICL season-2 was an eye opener for anyone with an eye for emerging talent. R Sathish, G Vignesh, Ali Murtaza, Stuart Binny, Imran Nazir , Rana Naved Ul Hasan, Alok Kapali, Shahriar Nafees et al – the list just keeps going on & on as to how these young players have marveled live & TV audiences not to forget pundits in the commentary box, with their superlative performances.

A lot has been said about the unfair ban faced by these professional cricketers & I don’t want to dwell on it further in this mail. However as a true admirer of the game and the magnificent men who play it; it’s an absolute shame that they don’t get recognized!


The talent pool and performance prowess at the ICL is far too strong to ignore for the cricket authorities. How on earth can one ignore matches that generate prime time television & 50, 000 packed stadiums?


As a sports optimist I would love to see a utopian scenario where sanctity prevails in terms of spirit of sports:


1. ICL, IPL & Stanford should be seen as ancillary supportive units to international cricket. Though Stanford & ICL have played to right role within the right parameters & framework, to act as ancillary units; IPL has been a bit of a gobbling giant with serious ramifications of destroying international cricket. The ICC needs to step in to restore order, reconise the ICL so that the monopolistic IPL can be balanced by a recognized ICL.


2. Free transfer of players: the IPL is no doubt the barrier breaker for creating a platform & viability for T20 & league cricket. However it suffers from the lacunae in terms of perfection of restricting the Indian talent pool. I guess if a free market exists for player transfers as seen by the soccer model in Europe; both the players & franchisee will see a synergistic benefit.


3. Player benefits is primary objective of cricket administrators & not maintenance of  the present pyramid : I was reading an interesting interview with the Ravi Sashtri proclaimed Moses and cricket’s so called renaissance man Lalit Modi, with a leading electronic media company . When quizzed about ICL’s ban ; Mr. Modi justified it by saying that private bodies have to be discouraged to maintain to present structure of world cricket. I fail to comprehend this logic! Should player development & commercial enhancement be the logical objective of the boards or should it be the present stance of maintaining their monopoly on the lucrative world cricket turf? I leave the judgment to you.


Finally despite all odds & restrictions the ICL has delivered a transparent & vibrant sports product and justifiably needs the support from all us sports aficionados to emerge as a premier sporting event on our annual calendar.


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