Bangladesh Cricket board needs to show the way forward on the ICL issue

With the unveiling of the 9th ICL team in form of the Dhaka warriors and a big marketing blitz for its season-2; ICL has announced that it is here to stay. What attracts a professional cricketer to the Indian cricket league? The answer lies in the fact that the ICL provides top playing conditions an elementary requisite for a professional cricketer. Secondly the ICL philosophy and structure helps a professional cricketer get his rightful due in terms of his remuneration.

So far all the commercial spoils were enjoyed by the cricket boards and a portion of it trickled down to the domestic grass root level players & this explains the poor status of domestic players across cricket boards.

In case of Bangladesh I think the cricket Board and fans need to take the “player move” to ICL in a positive way. The grand launch of the Dhaka Warriors has given due recognition to Bangladesh cricket and its cricketers.

The traditional cricket structure always questioned Bangladesh’s test status & considered them minnows. But this is where the ICL is a cricket body with a difference, they have not only seen a commercial & cricketing potential in Bangladesh Cricket, but also unveiled the Dhaka warriors as the next big thing from the ICL stable.

Cricket pundits of the stature of Kapil Dev, Kiran More, Dean Jones & Tony Greig have seen the wisdom of inducting the Dhaka side on the competitive ICL platform & now it is for the Bangladeshi cricket fan to come out in numbers to support their players on a vibrant cricket platform that has a global reach.

From the view point of Bangladesh Board, they need to be visionaries and not follow the standard BCCI dictum. The ICL induction will showcase the true potential of the Bangladesh players and if they knock in a good performance at the forthcoming ICL Season-2, then the perception about players from Bangladesh will see a refreshing change from the global cricketing fraternity.

My sincere request to the Bangladesh cricket board, stand up to the BCCI and work only for the benefit of your own players. The first effects of the ICL induction is there to see for every Bangladeshi cricket fan. IPL authorities who ignored your players in their first season have promised to sign up your players for their next season.

For the sake of Bangladesh cricket, I hope the Dhaka Warriors put up a good show in ICL season-2.

Good Luck Warriors!


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