BCCI policy : Different player-statures; different rules

BCCI whip Niranjan Shah is always over eager to crack his whip on defenseless players like domestic boys of ICL, upcoming players like Chawla or the docile Laxman.

The latest discrepancy is handling Tendulkar’s issue on playing for Lashings in England with former teammate Dinesh Mongia (ICL Chandigarh Lions).

The bully Niranjan shah, now has his tail between his legs and has brushed the issue under the carpet.

I would again like to clarify that Tendulkar did nothing wrong & is completely justified in playing with his former national team mate for Lashings. This is why I want to see players like Kumble, Dravid Ganguly & more importantly Tendulkar fight for the right of their fellow cricketers who have decided to use the ICL platform to showcase their talent.

It has been agreed by one & all that the ban against ICL is unfair and draconian in nature; it amazes me as to how a country which has pioneered the cause of free market and liberalization allows its premiere sports institution (BCCI) to get away with monopolistic & restrictive trade practices.

The fourth estate has taken up the cause of the ICL players; after all it is the reflection of what the general public feels, irrespective of the success of the ICL. However public perception or media image are things BCCI and its chief –whip Niranjan Shah give a damn about.

However three players who can shake the BCCI are Tendulkar, Ganguly & Kumble and it is for these players to see the wisdom of the existence of the ICL & the benefits it offers their domestic counterparts in the country. After all it has been well documented as to how a single IPL cannot encompass the entire talent pool in the country.

The BCCI’s stance is best reflected when they conveniently do a u-turn every time they find themselves in the corner; how on earth can Niranjan Shah even dare to speak against Tendulkar , the country will skin him alive.

But objectivity requires that the rules should be same whether it is Tendulkar or Piyush Chawla, but when was the last time that objectivity was a term associated with the BCCI!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Any explanation for comments of Mr Geoffry Boycott about the fabulous four. Who should be first to leave in fab 4

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