Youth mobilization VS Manoranjan Ka baap ( ICL -IPL take different paths)

The ICL is back in the reckoning announcing some path- breaking initiatives for their forthcoming season.  The recently concluded IPL had its league operations revolving around the entertainment factor, film stars & cheer leaders associated with their league.

The ICL has launched its campaign with a different take, the first communication involved MIthun’s rechristened ICL side Royal Bengal Tigers, aligning with the traditionally rich Howrah Union to synergise the activities of two sports organizations associated with two different sporting products. Howrah Union brings in its infrastructure and facility for the ICL team, on the other hand ICL and its league will help promote the football club on a more vibrant platform with its in-depth marketing expertise.

This is a first time step that can come as a solution for all the problems associated with sports in India; this is the best answer for all sports aficionados who believe India is a one sport country.

IF successful this step could see the Chandigarh Lions (ICL’s Punjab team) tie up with a Namdhari eleven (Punjab’s Hockey club). We may see a synergistic tie up between Mahindra united FC (soccer club in Mumbai) & Mumbai Champs (ICL’s Mumbai team). IT could create a path that takes India from a uni-polar sporting nation into a multi-polar sporting super power.

The ICL initiative that has excited me the most is its Youth mobilization campaign. ICL has taken sports to the colleges and universities. This may just enthuse a whole new young generation to the culture of sports. It is a far more refreshing approach to catch the imagination of the youth rather than having them pick a sporting product on basis of dard-e disco and cheerleaders.

Manoranjan ke Baap was the first step to catch the imagination of the youth for league cricket & I Hope for the sake of sports that “Youth mobilization “ stands the test of time &  take sports forward for the youth of the nation.

Looks a smart move by the ICL; to match to the histrionics of Shahrukh & Preity Zinta they are banking on mobilizing support of the humongous college & university population of India.

The battle is on – its Star power (IPL) taking on the Common Youth of India (ICL)


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