Well a lot of critics of the ICL may question what benefit the ICL offers, especially with the IPL advent. A lot has been said about the benefits of league cricket for the domestic talents and it has been well documented how players from both the league have benefited from the spotlight & financial incentives.

One point that comes is the latest fuss with cricket referrals that was pioneered by the ICL. It shows that ICL can be the body that can pioneer these efforts as the bureaucratic process associated with ICL is less cumbersome and it is easier to push the envelope as far as cricket reforms are concerned.

Cricket is in the age of metamorphosis and lots of modifications are in the pipeline which may take ages if it has to go through the ICC process. The Best way to test these reforms is the ICL platform so that they can be fine tuned to apply to the premium International cricket.

It is all about pooling resources which may be difficult to comprehend for people like Niranjan Shah, but entrepreneurs and business tycoons like Lalit Modi and Rajeev Shukla who operate in the public domain should sure understand the relevance of synergizing & pooling of resources between organizations.

I think the ICL today is a trans-national with it having effect on every major cricketing nation of the world. Just a nod from BCCI will save the careers of talents like Shane Bond, Imran Farhat, MD Sami et al.

The BCCI too has to understand the negative vibe it got for its ridiculous dictum on its own players playing in the county teams featuring ICL players & address it with immediate effect. After all it is difficult to fathom how an a premiere organization in India is oblivious to the perception it holds in the eyes of its consumers

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