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Dubya or Moses the ball is in Lalit Modi’s court

The present stance of the BCCI strongman Lalit Modi is reminiscent of The American President’s stance on war on terror “if you are with us you are the good guys if not then you are the bad boys “. Similarly the BCCI’s stance on the ICL & its professional players lacks objectivity.

Modi is again in the hot seat as he heads the committee that is going to decide the future of the ICL players and he has the opportunity to either live up to his rechristened ( Rechristned by the cricket Pundit Ravi Shashtri) name of Moses Modi ( for his revolutionary IPL) or to continue his draconian Dubya stance.

I think as an important member of the Indian cricket fraternity the task with Modi & importantly BCCI president elect Shashank Manohar is to act in benefit of the domestic cricketer.

The Indian player pool is too large to be encompassed by a single IPL, & therefore it makes logical sense to see the synergistic value of bringing the ICL & more importantly its impressive resources (player base, coaches & support staff) into the manifold.

After all it is ironical that somebody with the business acumen of Lalit Modi does not believe in free market economy for cricket rather than the existing restrictive & monopolistic stance of the BCCI against its own fraternity.

How would the BCCI benefit from this move?

  1. They would win back the support of over 80 first class cricketers who have aliened with the ICL.
  2. The ICL matches could help test a larger base of players in turn strengthening the Indian team’s bench strength.
  3. It can help a larger pool of players enjoy the social & economic benefits, T20 & league cricket has to offer.
  4. It could explore the possibility of player transfers between the two leagues which may help the fortune of some of its IPl teams. For Eg the Deccan Chargers could take an Ambatti Rayudu or Stuart Binny on loan from the ICL which may improve their chances in the next season. The Kolkata Knightriders could beef up their batting by picking up a Rohan Gavaskar , Deep Dasgupta or Abhishek Jhunjhunwala from the ICL.

In the final analysis it would be a magnanimous stance by the BCCI and help in its image amongst the general public.

The ball now is in Lalit Modi’s court whether he wants history to remember him as the Cricket’s powerful Dubya or Moses!!!!!!!!!


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